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Siembra, spanish for seed or plant, is our educational component.  Here we include:


Academic Articles:

We plan to write academic articles about the editorial work done, including problems encountered, importance of the work and the musicological research done to contextualized the important of the piece. Those could interview with the composer, their families or other relevant musicians that can enhance the importance of the work. These articles intend to be publish on our website and hopefully in music magazines related to their respective topic.


Workshop series

The LAMI workshop series, is a way to raise the interest and understating of Latin American music in the participating communities.

As a way to reach out to different audiences we present a series of workshops where traditional music from Latin America is explained, in an interactive way, and performed. There will be different formats of workshops depending on the audience, one dedicated to musicians and music majors and another one for non-music majors and non-musicians. The approach will be different but the result will be the same, to raise awareness of Latin American music, to understand its historical context, rhythms and traditions and to perform at the level allowed by the nature of the audience.  learn and gain knowledge on Latin American classical music, its influences, traditional music and performance practices.

The workshops will cover a historical part to understand the context of the classical works, a theoretical part to understand the musical context and theoretical parameters used in the works, and a performance part where students can perform the traditional rhythms and finally playing the classical work.


University Residencies


  • Master classes: instrumental and chamber music

  • Lectures about editions, musicological research of finding new works

  • Concerts: recitals and symphonic concerts

  • Latin American Culture talks



Lami offers a outreach concerts, workshops and masterclasses to underserved communities and their schools.  This outreach projects can include:

  • Concerts

  • Masterclasses

  • Coachings

  • Composing together and concert with student’s ensembles

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